January 30, 2012

Yes and No: SAG Style

Warning: I am currently rocking what a dear friend calls "third trimester goggles." Everyone jogging casually down the road seems to be breaking Olympic records in my eyes. Small girls look downright itsy-bitsy and everyone in the Western world seems fit, toned and on the back end of a very successful fat flush. Call it envy, call it a side effect of the waddle, call it what you will, but it undoubtedly affects my judgment at this point in time...

I'm still not sure why she's walking the red carpet, but Kelly O gets a big ol' no from me. I'm as alabaster as they come, but I avoid dyeing my hair solid gray and pairing it with a white dress for formal occasions.

The color and embroidery are fab on you, Viola, but no. Your girls are behaving here, but in a moment of celebration later (in a picture I'll spare the world), they've developed minds of their own. Makes me anxious for your modesty!

You're hilarious, K. Wiig, but no. I'm not feeling the 1995 choker with that dress. Unless you're pairing it with CKOne and wearing it to the tune of Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill. Ah, the nineties.

Yes, ma'am. Love the blue, adore the waistline, envy the redhead who's pulling it off. Except she probably hasn't eaten in three weeks, so never mind...

Yes!! Gorgeous color and such a feminine neckline. Perfect hair to show it off.

A big no to what DON rightfully refers to as the slit up to her lower abs. No need to hide your light under a bushel, Lea, but an inch of fabric goes a long way...

Yes and no. Adore the impish smile, the pixie hair (so few can pull this off!) and the classic red dress. Not a fan of the red-on-red shoe combo, though. So many other ways to go!

Yes and no. Love the Cary Grant lookalike version of George and the lace all over Stacy's dress. Don't love, however, that she's only known as George's girl du jour. This one's gonna sting when y'all break up by summer and you never get to walk the red carpet again. Get to bookin' yourself some movies, girlfriend!

No. Get your hands on some Chick-fil-A stat; this will put an end both to your razor-like collarbones and your miserable countenace. It's a win-win, Ange!

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