October 4, 2011

Celebrating Early

Mac "hosted" playgroup yesterday with a table full of healthy treats complemented by the world's largest dish of banana pudding, courtesy of his great-grandmother. (I purposely didn't share forgot to put it out at his party.)

You can imagine which snack he was most interested in and how much of it he consumed. Fruit+dairy+homemade = healthy, yes?

In the spirit of "keeping it real," I present to you a bedheaded, messy-faced, crumb-covered, nap-skipping, punch drunk and giddy-for-his-own-birthday Mac.

He has been singing Happy Birthday to himself for the better part of four days. What will he do tomorrow when it's his actual birthday?

I don't know that he could muster up anymore enthusiasm than he does here, despite the fact that he's running on fumes. (See: exhausted face, bursts of energy, crazy demeanor and the fact that, midway, he stops to say, "Cheese!" after just realizing I am filming him.)

1 comment:

melissa said...

oh my goodness, so cute! Happy Birthday Mac!


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