September 28, 2011

The Week that Wasn't

I had a plan for this week: a thought-out, filled to the brim kinda plan. Every hour was accounted for and every day had achievable goals.

Sound nuts? Well, I knew this week would be nuts. We're finishing up house projects before Mac's party Saturday and preparing for the celebration itself. I also had a busy work week ahead with an extra (fun!) project on my plate.

Then Mac got fussy on Sunday. And feverish Sunday night. And refused to be put down for hours at a time. He wanted our arms around him at all times, our faces right next to him. Our sweet boy just wasn't himself.

Monday morning we found out why: In addition to cutting four canine teeth, he has an ear infection and hand, foot and mouth disease. We came home with a prescription to treat the ear infection and were told that only Tylenol and time could cure the rest.

By Tuesday afternoon Mac was so much worse that B took him back to the doctor for a stronger antibiotic and another look. Sure enough, the HFM had become the worst the doctor had seen in years - red bumps all over his sweet body. Miserable spots down into his throat and all over the inside of his mouth. And a double ear infection on top of everything.

B rarely takes Mac to the doctor; that's my gig. I, however, was at home curled up in bed with a bottle of Gatorade in one hand and some ginger ale in the other. It hasn't been pretty. (Neither have I.) What a week - and it was only Tuesday.

Bradley took Mac outside to swing last night, as it was the only suggestion that managed a smile out of our unhappy boy. Sadly, ten minutes outside turned into four mosquito bites on his face, bites that have since become welts. WELTS. On top of everything. My boy can't catch a break.

Mac at the doc - and not nude, though it sure looks that way here!

He's old enough to tell me his mouth hurts, his ears hurt, his knee hurts. (That last part he's just making up to get kisses, but he's so pitiful I don't blame him.)

He's young enough to be clingier than Downy-less laundry. And at nearly 34 pounds, it's an act of sacrificial love to haul this handsome hunk of a mini-man around. But I'm doing it.

I'm also emailing and phone calling and to-do listing and eagerly counting down his return to school tomorrow and grandparents' arrival on Friday. We are ready to have extra hands on deck!

Boy oh boy, I had big plans for this week. Few items have made it to fruition, but I'm thankful for a husband who goes to the pharmacy for meds and comes home with ginger ale, Gatorade and a bag of candy corn for me. (I can't eat it quite yet, but just the sight of it makes me smile.)

And our second baby (wow that's crazy to say!) is just fine. My doctor assures me that a day of liquids only won't hurt her, and heaven knows I have enough fat in reserve to sustain this child through Labor Day 2015. They did ask me to refrain from kissing our infected little guy, but that warning came days too late.

The worst is over, I hope, and the contagious days are definitely behind us. I cringe thinking about the symptom-less days before he became sick when we spread our germs unknowingly all over town. Eep.

For now, forgive our radio silence in real life and in the blog world. I hope to return with some fun pre-birthday pictures later this week and some party fun after his shindig Saturday.

Funny how a small, simple and sweet get-together becomes quite an ordeal at the end of a week like this one. Even laying out a PB&J dinner for three would be a struggle at this moment.

I'm focusing on Lysol and staying germ-free 'til Mac blows out those candles. Red spots or no spots, the boy deserves to celebrate his second year with a bang.


Susannah said...

Oh no! HFM is the worst! My oldest (now 2) had it twice within eight weeks! And I was pregnant with my second on modified bed rest. Ha! Now, I carry packs of Clorox wipes for grocery store and other store buggies to wipe down obsessively! I don't want it again! Hope he bounces back to normal ASAP!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am so sorry you're dealing with this :-( let me know if I can do anything to help. Can't wait to see yall Saturday!

Kristen said...

Thinking about y'all nonstop! It's amazing how you realize what really matters when you're faced with challenges like these. All you need at that party is one healthy toddler with a smile on his face! Love y'all so much.

p.s. I don't know if it's just me but none of the pictures in your posts have been showing up for some time! Ugh.

Melissa and Chad said...

The pictures are not showing up for me either. Sounds like you had a really rough week. Was yours sickness from being pregnant or a bug? I'm really surprised the pediatrician didn't give y'all the "magic mouthwash" formula. It worked wonders for Chad when he had HFM. He got it the weekend he was baptized. Illnesses always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Oh gosh. I knew y'all were sick, but didn't know how sick. I am so sorry! Praying you all feel better really soon. Hudson's HFM was so awful! I felt terrible for him! Poor Mac! :( and it's his bday weeek almost!

The Gaymons said...

I was hoping that the worst was behind him....not so much. Poor baby! Poor Mommy! Love ya'll and praying for you. Let me know what I can do.

Kathy said...

Oh Anne, I feel for you guys! Will had HFM with horrendous blisters in his mouth - ice cream absolutely helped numb them (along with advil/tylenol rotated constantly). It is so painful for their little bodies and so hard for us to not be able to "fix" it :(. This too shall pass, sweet mama! Hope everyone feels better soon!

melissa said...

Oh no! Sounds like you've had a very trying week. So sorry. Hope the worst is behind you and that the whole family feels better in time for the party this weekend.

Rowena said...

OH honey! Bless your heart. Next time don't you dare hesitate in asking me for help. We are neighbors after all (or at least nearly).


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