December 14, 2010

My (First) Conversation with Mac

Mac-Mac is only 14 months old, so I don't expect that we'll be delving into theology or politics anytime soon. All the same, I'm thrilled as he gets better and better at communicating his thoughts.

Up to this point, B and I at marveled at how well you can know someone without actually talking to them. You know, real back and forth conversation, the conveying of opinions. The kind of talk that's absent in a toddler's world.

Today might have been Mac's and my first cobbled together conversation, though, and I think it's a preview of what's to come as he gets older and (even) more opinionated.

Mac: Points to cell phone on table, just out of his reach. Puts hand up to his ear, says "Hey Dada!" like he's talking on a phone. Points to cell phone again, gesturing a little more passionately this time.

Me: Moving cell phone out of sight. "No, Mac. That's Mama's cell phone. We know what happens when you get your hands on it."

Does sign language for "more." Whines pitifully.

Me: No, baby. Why don't we read this book instead?

Mac: Shakes head furiously. Puts pretend cell phone/hand back up to his ear. "Hey! Hey, Dada! Hey!" Points at the pillow behind which I've not-so-secretly stowed the phone.

Me: Deep sigh. How did you get so smart??

This scene replayed itself a few times in a row until I pulled out a Mac-sized basketball that kept his attention for a few minutes.

After his cell phone obsession (momentarily) subsided, I marveled at his mix of words, charades, sign language and baby noises. What a clever way to get his point across!

I'm guessing all he understood from my half of the conversation was something like the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher: "Wah wah wah..."

I hate to see time flying by, but I love the new stage Mac enters each month. Having an actual "chat" with my little man? What a way to spend a morning.


Mary Loyal said...

I just read this post and at the bottom, your post from 07.21.07 came up about your anniversary and I just loved looking at your wedding pictures! What a special day!

Stacy said...

Ha! Emmie says "da" when ever I have my cell phone out! Apparently our children think their daddies are only in the phone!


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