August 19, 2010

See? You CAN Say No to Shopping!

(Disclaimer: I don't normally discuss body parts on my blog, but I'm rationalizing that if it's legitimate enough to be covered by The Wall Street Journal, it's fair game.)

Sometimes I find it particularly difficult not to click "buy." Especially if I feel like something can make me look cuter, strut my stuff, hear "have you been to a spa?" or just plain feel better about myself. I avoid Sephora at all costs for this very reason.

Why does the "before" model look bigger in the middle and just plain unhappy?
Does the Booty Pop also fluff your hair, tell you a joke and brighten your lipstick?

Today I discovered something that's shown me I can say "no" to shopping: the Booty Pop.

By saying no to this humorously named derriere-plumper, I am saying no to egg-shaped puffs of fabric shoved in my underpants. No to $30 underwear that do what squats and lunges (or Krispy Kreme and pizza, if you go the other route) can do. No to ridiculous infomercials and awkward photos of other girls' enhanced backsides. No to adding anymore junk to my already full trunk.

WSJ's headline mentions that the days of girdles are gone. I disagree - and even wonder if Spanx will create something that pads your booty and sucks in everything else? Seems like there might be a market for it, if gals are letting their "VBPL" (visible booty pop line) show under cocktail dresses.

In trying to find the upside for this silly, totally noticeable and arguably overpriced accoutrement, I came across a possible benefit: Could this be a comfy cushion when you sit down? Does it make hard seats feel a little softer on the tush? Perhaps they could market this to an older crowd once the Snuggie-like newness subsides....

Kudos to their publicist for garnering coverage in the Journal!

There's been a lot of talk lately about the health benefits of a sizeable derriere. Maybe we should be glad this look is making a comeback - even if it is by artificial means...

Ladies, will you be padding your backsides (and paying $30) to make that booty pop?


Hannah said...

hahah no thanks, my booty pops enough on its own:) It's from donuts too:) I saw an infomercial for these not too long ago and thought they were hilarious.

Rowena said...

This cracks me up! I see the commercial every morning while I'm running and I couldn't help but wonder WHO is actually buying them. And then I saw "Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta" and got my answer.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

absolutely not. i got enough "poppage" going on back there as it is!


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