May 27, 2010

"I Can Do ANYTHING Good!"

Now here is an attitude worth emulating!

Aren't there days when we need to say this to ourselves? Or to one another? I could give you a bulleted list in half a second of everything that makes you fabulous. Seriously. Try me.

But as for me? I'm staring at unfolded laundry, curtain rods and window treatments that need to be hung, clothes waiting to be packed, closets that could use organizing, unwritten emails, unaddressed invitations and a mess of baby bangs.

Today's the day to tell myself, "I can do ANYTHING good!" Adverbs be darned.

Now I'm off to get to it! If I copy her positivity, could I get this little doll's hair, too?


Mommara said...

OH my gosh I am in love with this! So precious and your right the attitude we all need.

Kathryn Whitaker said...

Your blog is such a wonderful part of my day, and this one is perfect. Yes, you can tackle everything on the To-Do list! You can do ANYTHING GOOD! Love you Annie Pie. Miss your face.

Mary Catherine said...

I love love love this!! I think I will watch this every morning before I start my day and maybe her precious attitude will rub off on me!! :)

Katherine said...

Too cute. I've been meaning to tell you that I have a post baby hair issue to rival baby bangs! I call them horns! There around the center of my forehead. If I pull my hair back in a bobby pin these little horns poke up...they're my version of baby bangs, they just stand straight up!

Parrish said...

Anne- I absolutely LOVE this post. I have watched it so many times! I even showed my parents...My favorite is I like my HAIRCUTS! Thanks for sharing. Your little man is absolutely adorable...I hope to be able to meet him sometime soon! In response to your question about Tracey...we graduated HS together. I hope you are doing well!

Day Old News said...

Blog looks great!! And my boss and I used to say this to each other all the time bc we were so obsessed with this. Must bring it back! Love.


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