October 9, 2008

Getting a jump on my Christmas list...

Dear Santa,
Each morning I look into the mirror and feel as though something is missing. A diamond necklace would be nice, sure, or perhaps a pair of Jimmy's highest Choos. Upon further reflection, though, I realize that I don't need such shallow solutions to make me happy this Christmas.

In a time of economic uncertainty and a culture that celebrates superficial values, what I need is something of real substance.

Like a life-sized replica of myself in formal wear. Made entirely of Legos. One and a half million Legos.

And at just $60,000 a pop, I feel it's reasonable to request a life-size Lego-built Bradley to gaze upon each morning as well.

I promise I'll cover every mirror in my home and will never ask for another (non-life-size) doll....if I can only have this one tiny Christmas wish.

(If I can't have that, I will also accept a similarly sized contribution to my 401k. A girl's gotta retire sometime, Santa.)

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